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Pynchon is inimitable, but I would say the closest thing I’ve read to *V* is *NW* by Zadie Smith. The big difference is that *NW* is a 2012 novel, and it is contemporary. Stylistically it bears many resemblances, and the characters are of similar age and socioeconomic standing to our heroes in *V.*

I echo the /u/Human5481’s sentiment concerning *The Recognitions.* It is the single greatest work of fiction I have ever read, and it quite clearly influenced Pynchon’s work.

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☂Facebook says it shouldn’t have to stay mum when government seeks user data


Facebook is fighting a court order that prohibits it from letting users know when law enforcement open link

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✔Trump: Stock market rising ‘despite the Russian hoax story!’


Stock Market hit another all-time high yesterday – despite the Russian hoax story! Also, jobs numbers are starting to look very good! continue reading

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